Jake Stanzer is a professional guitarist based in Milwaukee, WI.    Heavily incluenced by the enchanting beauty of Celtic fingerstyle guitar, fuzz-laden riffs of Led Zeppelin, rhythmic trances of desert blues, and soulful voices of classic gospel singers, Jake plays every note with an immediacy and emotion that resonates with the listener.  Some of Jake's favorite guitarists include Jimmy Page, John Frusciante, Derek Trucks, Gary Clark J.R., Vieux Farke Toure, and Jackie Venson.   

Jake  is the lead guitarist in a variety of diverse projects, from funk to folk and rock to ragtime.  Check them out:

- Whiskey and the Devil

- The Midnight Purchase

-Red's Hot Chili Peppers

-Victor Reid and V.I.P

- J.R. and the Strangers

- Jake Stanzer Solo and Fingerstyle Guitar