With deep roots in blues, ragtime,  Celtic and world music, Jake Stanzer brings his passion for music and fingerstyle guitar to audiences throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. Whether you find him serenading a wine tasting, or rocking the stage with his emotive, blues-tinged licks, Jake is sure to satisfy your musical soul. 

Beyond work as a solo artist, Jake is heavily involved in various other musical endeavors including bands Whiskey and the Devil, The Midnight Purchase,   Red's Hot Chili Peppers, Victor Reid and V.I.P. and J.R. & The Strangers and has experience  playing countless venues spanning from small clubs  to large stages including Turner Hall, and Summerfest.  Beyond music, you'll frequently find Jake running, fishing, roadtriping, and exploring off-the-beaten-path micro-breweries and record shops.

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